Personal Branding Shoot for photojournalist Carla R. Reed from Blooming Queens


This shoot was dear to my heart. My fiancee, Carla, was launching a new blog street style photo blog, Blooming Queens, that focuses on the personal growth process of women with natural hair through storytelling. As soon as she told me the name, we sat down and created concepts based on her vision. Her blog Blooming Queens gave us a lot of visuals to work with including crowns and florals.


Another thing about Carla was that her branding has been strong but somewhat scattered so I wanted to create strong images that encompassed the different faces of her brand (The Human Resources Manager, the model, the natural hair street journalist, the women’s empowerment advocate and so on). The glue to connect everything was that she needed to appear fun, approachable, and smart. She essentially needed photos for her blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and FB.


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Carla's Instagram @bloomingqueensblog